It's ALL a Highlight

We've been given the opportunity to help students with a disability - FRIENDS OF CADDIE U - transition from high school into the workforce through golf! Not just at courses, but into our golf community!


Friends of Caddie U hosts REVERSE Job Fairs to introduce our students to businesses...the biggest challenge is understanding the needs of the business, no better way to get everyone together than a REVERSE Job Fair!

Will Tim Be Mad?

Conor asked if Tim Herron would be mad if he cheered for Tiger!  When we said no, he said, 'Tiger's had problems, and so have I...'


Our Prep Tour & Caddies Love It!

If you could see the look on the girls' and boys' faces when we share with them that we're here to help students with a disability...ok, why don't you come see?  AWESOME!

Friends of Caddie U Expansion

Minnesota will take Friends of Caddie U nationwide. Our partnership with Vocational Rehabilitation Services is built for golf communities across the country to join in!

The List Grows...

Starting with one young man affected by Asperger's, we've placed students as caddies, bag room, office, grounds, retail, marketing and photography positions in and through golf!